Ubud Hotels

Murni's Warung

Run by an American-Balinese couple, one can get authentic apple pie as well as chicken satay here. One of the original eateries in Ubud, this three-story, cozy restaurant has the Ayung River at its feet. Be sure to go down to.. Read more

Bebek Bengil

Good food, good service and the best coffee in Ubud. Call ahead for reservations.
Location: Jl. Raya Hanoma.. Read more

Kokokan Club Restaurant

Surprisingly decent Thai food overlooking a terraced rice padi. The first and still best Thai in Ubud.
Locat.. Read more

Laka-Leke Restaurant

LAKA-LEKE means hideaway in Balinese, is the sister restaurant of Cafe Wayan and Bakery on Monkey Forest Road, Ubud.
The name LAKA-LEKE is appropriate since the restaurant is literally hidden away between two well know pla.. Read more

Cafe Wayan

Where this all began - Ibu Wayans Cafe started as a small Warung - it was a little bamboo hut of a food stall where Ibu Wayan sold coffee to the rice farmers on what is now Monkey Forest Road. Ibu also means mother and since .. Read more

Mozaic Restaurant

When you enter through its Balinese doorway, Mozaic Restaurant offers you an evening of repose and pure enjoyment. A walkway leads you to a tropical garden with its widely spaced tables and simple elegance, where, once seated.. Read more

Ary's Warung

Set smack in the middle of Ubud, this is the place to be seen and tosee. Repro sepia photographs of a Bali gone by fill this restaurant.The elegant tablecloths match the prices here as well! Make sure youtry the tasting menu .. Read more

Cafe Lotus

The Cafe Lotus provides you not just delicious food and excellent beverage but also nice and pleasant surroundings. Surrounded by lotus pond and impressive Ubud palaces family temple rise majestically in the background make C.. Read more

Gajah biru cafe india

Indian Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian.
Open 6 pm - 12 pm
Jl. Raya penestanan.
Tel. 979085
Free pick up service in ubud area. Read more