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Contact Person :

M. Suardana Y.

Ph.: +62 3618051759
Mobile: +62 811 392865


Buying Agents Service

Dear all good visitors,
We want to offer our time for you, our energy and  our networking for you as well. You can save energy, your time, and most importantly your capital if using us as your buying agent in Bali.
We have been doing many exports activities with our team since 1996, so it was more then 10 years to Europe, USA, Asian countries, Australia, New Sealand etc. with a happy ending.
You can ask for the containers or retails and your goods will get controlled by us for  the high quality and very good securities of your orders. Our shipping company is very experienced and so far our employees have been very loyal to the company. Please kindly feel free to contact us for your needs and  just inform us when you come to Bali.  We have wide range of producers that we normally work with as our partners and they are very reliable.

Please try us,
Thank you.