1. 2016-10-31

    Bali, 31 Oct 2016
    Tour today Lobina to Kintamani Volcano and dinner pork ribs bbq in.Ubud then Chwck in Maya Ubud.
    Wonderful day plus stop at Rice terraces and villages above the hill.
  2. 2015-11-11

    Dear visitors,
    Today I feel so grateful because Bali still in very good weather, very bright and still the one, friendly people everywhere we go, so don't hesitate to come to Bali, see the  colorful cultures from every  good tour guides and  those who know Bali  very well and born, grown up on Bali and for Bali.  just sms/ whatsAp or email us for further information. We are the people who are so proud of Bali, and welcome guests who wants to see our local genius, local customs and traditions to enrich your life experiences that will be in your memory for good.

    Made Suardana y. or just call me Su.

  3. 2013-03-06

    Dear guests,
    This month March 2013 will be a colorful month for us in Bali, why? because we are going to conduct some big ceremonies run by Hindu followers on Bali, the islands inhabited by  the biggest Hindu population in South East Asia. The ceremonies are such as: Nyepi Caka year 1935 and also Galungan Day and Kuningan day. The Nyepi day (24 hrs silence day) will falls on the  12th of March and the day before will be very  attractive with the processions of monsters dolls around the towns and the villagers on Bali.  Please adjust your holiday  to Bali, as the Airport and Harbors will be closed as no body allowed to work, travel, noise, lit fire.

    Have a nice holiday.

  4. 2013-03-06

    Dear guests,
    Very glad to inform you that the Carnival Cruise will arrive Bali tomorrow morning at Benoa Harbor, Denpasar,  Bali, Indonesia. I got a group of clients who will be in the bus with me, for a tour we name: The Scenic Bali. I will be the tour guide to escort them to see the Subak, traditional irrigation system used by Balinese Hindu Farmers since more than 1000 years and to show them how traditional agriculture worked since many  years  go  in our community using Love of life and family.
    We are going to  a temple built in the 11th century in Bangli, a town up on the hill.  An interesting inheritance from old kingdom on Bali, it used to be the biggest kingdom with the Court of Justice in Klungkung is also   part of the visit. We continue to visit Bali and Indonesian  hot food, buffet lunch at the valley viewing the Best and Scenic Rice Terraces  in eastern area. Finally before we get to the harbor then we call on to  a village called Tenganan Village farther in the east, ancient village which keeps the old tradition since thousands years ago and very impressive architectures, tradition and their customs. Normally this tours take 8 hours, and so far the guests loved the trip for they  could see real Bali and its way of life.

    If you like to be the next guests with me, we provide private tours( the most comfortable one) and group tours. please kindly contact us at:

    Have a good day,
  5. 2012-11-01

    On the 1st of Novembre 2012.

    I was the tour guide of 50 vip guests from ASEAN delegates of NCSA who joined the workshop for competency in Bali. The tour was great and very interesting  and we have been to very special places like the Bali Presidential Palace in Tampaksiring Village, took a walk to the Holy spring Tempe, Tirta Empul, and fortunately at the same time there were so many pilgrimages from Hindu Balinese worshiped this temple. There are many people also using the magic fountains for purification ceremony.

    We took them for Balinese cuisine for lunch and sea food menus for dinner in Denpasar with Balinese traditional dances. All look very happy as we included some Balinese song in the bus on the way to hotel and singers suddenly appeared from the delegates, so that we heard the songs from ASEAn Countries, sad and happy, romantic  song and fun. Thanks to everyone.


    Well distinguish guests from ASEAN countries.

    Hope to see you all again for the next holliday on Bali, all the best.



  6. 2011-08-13

    Bali Tourism now is back to very normal and secure after the incident of Bali Bomb 2002 and 2005, more than 4 million tourists, Internationally and domestics visiting Bali. There is no reasons now if you say no to visit Bali, as it is really a Magic place in the world, It is the last paradise. A famous top leaders said it is better you all come to Bali first before you are being called back by God.
    So we are pleasure to serve you, to you around Bali, make your holiday really meaningful for visiting this tropical islands and very fascinating, erotic also fantastic.

    Warmest welcome and greeting from us,
    I M. SUARDANA Y. or Su
    ym : su_baliman@yahoo.co.id
    Mob: +62 811 39 2865
    Pin BB; 23bb484b
  7. 2010-04-16

    Dear all,
    Glad to all of the readers and visitors of this website that I have been  very active also, since 2008 as a member  for International Charity Organization. I like it so much, we learn plenty very good things here, we know more good people from our islands, our District and from  around the world. We can use our income percentage for those who are not lucky in their lives. We know  transparently  where the funds and donations go and we are sure these will keep going on and on.   You will find that the projects have been given to societies are very urgently needed and yet need our helps. We do hope our lives become  useful for ourselves, human beings and God.

    Greeting from Rotary Club of Bali Sanur, D3400, Indonesia.
    Club Secretary 2009-2010,
    Club President Elect 2009-2010.
    I M.Suardana Y.
    PIN B: 23BB484B
  8. 2010-03-15

    Om Swastyastu,

    Dear Fellows,

    Bali is also the Islands that can give you plenty of very fascinating cultural attractions including this March 2010. We are in this month ready to celebrate the NYEPI or  Caka New Year 1932 which will be on the 16th of March. Part of the ceremony is proceeded by a great procession and parade of dancing-men under the Ogoh-ogoh (a kind of big dolls symbolizing evil power that crystalized for a year), one day before which is on Monday, the 15th of March 2010 and it will be followed by silent day on the 16th of March 2010.
    This day brings us to deep meditations, introspections, and evaluations for the year passing by. How do we do it? we are fasting for 4 things such as:  no fire lit, no working, no traveling, no making noise souds,but will be allowed again from the 17th of March as ussual. If you are now in Bali, please kindly consult your hotel security or friends about the event that may make your  vacation is  impressive and unforgetable for you all.
    Hope the world, the earth and the contents get much better for all of mankind and all creations, less gas emmission, less poluted, much more fresh air everywhere, fresh water, fresh mind and thoughts.
    May harmony happen in every aspects of the live. Harmony to Nature, to Human being, to God.
    which is welknown as Tri Hita Karana concept for Hindu Balinese, so, Don't miss that!

    OM Santih Santih Santih
    May God bless us peace, peace, peace.

                                                                                                                                            From Bali with LOVE,
                                                                                                                                            Made Suardana ."Su"
  9. 2009-10-10

    Galungan Ceremony,

    The Hindu adherents in  Bali will be soon conducting a ceremony called Hari Raya Galungan, which is  on the 14th of Oct. 2009, Wednesday, and on Saturday of the following week also will be held another ceremony namely Kuningan  ceremony.
    This Galunan ceremony is aimed to commemorate the victory of Darma (Good) againsts  Adharma(evils). This festival is celebrated every 210 days or every 6 months as one months in Balinese Lunar calender consists of 35 days.
    In relation to these ceremonies all of the Hindu temples are decorated in Bali by the owners or if they are publick temples would be dressed and cleansed by a certain commitee. Other events on Tuesday or a day before the ceremony is called Penampahan, this is the time when  around 300,000 fat pigs are slaughtered as the meat of offering to Gods and Deities of Hindu Balinese around the islands. The pork is a lot used for  Hindu Balinese's offerings and after the ceremony they are all shared among the family members.  
    It is on the same day on Tuesday, is the latest time for them to put a Penjor, bamboo pole, which is ornamented by yellow leaves of palm tree. The purpose is to protect the  gate of the houses from evils spirit that keen to  make disharmony. This tradition of HIndu people in Bali was done since about 11 Century ago.
    So if you are in Bali, contak us.

    Lots o'Love,
  10. 2009-08-22

     Dear Friends,
    On the 7-13th of August 2009 was conducted the 9th ICAAP at  Bali International Convention Centre (BICC) at Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. It was attended by 3000 participants from around 65 countries. We have been involved in this great events that brought a lot of new experiences and knowledges for us as the staffs who arranged the transportations as well as to give the related informations to the delegates. The things that become importance issues were about the HIV/ AIDS preventive actions as well as how to solve the serious problems emerged from the spread of the Viruses. The 10th ICAP congress will be conducted in Korea next year.

    Hope the congress becomes successful always and  gains the goals.