1. 2009-04-23

    Dear Friends,

    Om Swastyastu,

    The word Bali has many meanings and one of them means offering.  The islands are  very identical with daily offerings and ceremonies which are done by Hindu adherents since thousands of years ago and very well maintained up to the present day.
    There is no day without offering in these beautiful islands which is full  of friendly and very cute fellows, make us feel relaxing and like experiencing heaven of the world.

    This March 2009 is also full of ceremonies as well, such as Penampahan Galungan on 17th. It is the day to prepare offering for the Galungan Ceremony as well as the time to ornament  the compound's gate with bamboo pole namely Penjor. Penjor is a symbol of the holy mountain and at the bottom is located a shrine dedicated to the Gods in the mount Agung.

    The Galungan Ceremony is on the 18th, and the purpose is to commemorate the victory of good against evils. This time is when all temples that range from small-family shrines to village holy sites and state temples , the mother temples of Besakih too will get well-dressed up and ornamented by  artistic items made from coconut leaves (Janur) and yellow -white-red-black and white clothes make them look alive... Hindu Balinese on this day will go to  their family temples and village shrines to worship their God, Godess, deities and anchestor's spirit,  so that the world and the contents live in peaceful condition and  this tradition brings the tranquil  atmosphere for the Balinese and the guests.

    The day after, on the 19th  is to visit siblings and close relatives and friends too, say hello and to greet each others. Some Balinese cakes, coffees and pork menus are the main dishes to welcome us... simple but a lot of energy to continue the future...

    On the 23rd is the day for Melasti ceremony, it means to purify the items and tools used in the temples by going in a procession to the sea. The rite is accompanied by offerings, Balinese musics, and Balinese from each villages are dressing in traditional praying dresses, dominated by white- yellow colour. transported by any vehicles, and walking by the beach side and stop at a spot for the offering dedicate to the God of the sea. After the trip to the sea, then all statues and holy icons must return to the Bale Agung temples where the praying concentrated in a village.

    On the 26th( 24hours) is the Nyepi day, the silence day...we stay at home...without the lamps lite, no cars out, and no planes and ships to and from  Bali.No noises, no travel etc.
    The air is clean  in Kuta beaches, Nusa Dua resorts etc, anywhere in Bali.
    On the 27th is called Ngembak Geni day, the Balinese New year, and it is time to have fun again...give greeting to others.
    On the 28th, is the Kuningan day, part of the Galungan ceremony on the 18th, the end of it, this is the day when Gods return to heaven after ten days gives biggest blessing to the earth and the contents.

    Have a nice holydays and we believe they become a memorable moments for all of you.

    Om Santih Santih Santih, Om


    Suardana y.