Travel Tips

  • VISA
    Be sure to check your passport before leaving for Indonesia. You must have at least one empty page to be stamped upon arrival and the passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of arrival.
    Since the 1st February 2004, a tourist visa is required except for the citizen from Brunei, Chile, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey. Meanwhile, for Australian, Canada, USA and most of the European country such as France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and many more countries and it is possible to obtain a tourist visa upon arrival it costs about USD, 25,00 (up to 30 days) and 10 USD (up to 3 days).
    With this new regulation, to get a visa on arrival at the airport it takes a little bite longer so it is preferable to ask in your own country the visa from an Indonesian consulate before having your trip in Bali. Upon arrival you will be given a white.
    Narcotics, firearms and ammunition are strictly prohibited. The standard duty-free allowance is: 2 liters of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco. There is no restriction on import and export of foreign currencies in cash or travelers checks, but there is an export limit of 50,000 Indonesian rupiah. All narcotics are illegal in Indonesia. The use, sale or purchase of narcotics results in long prison terms, huge fines and death, in some cases. Once caught, you are immediately placed in detention until trial, and the sentences are stiff, as demonstrated by Westerners currently serving sentences as long as 30 years for possession of marijuana

    FLIGHT: Bali can be reached by air to Ngurah Rai International Airport, and the destination is Denpasar (airport code: DPS)
    SEA: Bali can be reached by sea
    From Java to Gilimanuk Port
    From Lombok to Padang Bai Port or Benoa Harbour for giant cruise ships.


  • Convert money at a reputable looking money changer shop and independently calculate before changing. Shop around as the rate may vary, check whether the commission is added or not.
  • Put on loads of high factor waterproof Sun Cream especially if you intend to spend a lot of time in the water
  • Drink a lot of bottled water and eat a lot of fresh fruits - do your body a favour
  • Be careful with your belonging at all times. Leave your important documents in your hotel safe and wander around with the copies.
  • Respect the slow pace of processions - don't honk
  • Haggle when buying, except on price-tagged goods
  • Buy "immodium" to relieve bouts of Bali belly
  • Reconfirm your outbound flight 48hrs before at the latest.
  • Show your respect by wearing sarong when entering temples.


  • Step on offerings in the street - please just walk beside them
  • Attempt to swim outside designated areas on the beach best between 2 red-yellow flags( Kuta Beaches)
  • Take drugs. This carry the death penalty according to Indonesian laws
  • Touch people's heads. It's very offensive to Balinese Hindus
  • Enter temples during menstruation, pregnant, before 12 days of funeral rites of family
  • Forget to put salt on your food and drink water - you will probably sweat a lot
  • Use your left hand in sacking or handing over something to someone as it is considered impolite. If there is no other option then express your apology.
  • Climb any walls of temples as they are all considered sacred elements
  • Flash cameras in the temple when the people are praying
  • take picture from front side
  • Sit or stand in front of the prayers and/ or Hindu priest